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Drink Water!!

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After a massage you need to drink plenty of water!
Massage moves your blood and lymph system which releases metabolic wastes and lactic acids (All that yucky stuff your body is throwing away)
Drinking water helps your body to flush that stirred up waste a lot more efficiently, so help your body out and DRINK THAT WATER!! 🙂

massage therapy!

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Ever sleep wrong and it ruins your day? yeah we know,, set your appointment for a great neck and shoulder massage we have the skilled touch needed to relieve your aches and pains!
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Building Collagen

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A great anti aging secret is to find ways to build collagen. The real secret is to build from within! You can do this by taking a good quality grapeseed herbal supplement as well as neo cell collagen with vitamin C powder

DIY Skincare

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Heres specifically a great DIY at home facial:
Start with a gentle cleanser. Next use 1-2 tsp COUNTRY LIFE VITAMIN C CRYSTALS(found in the supplement section of health food stores or Amazon) Make a quick paste in your hand by rubbing your hands together. Dont completely dissolve crystals in your hands. Gently massage into face for about 2 minutes. After 10-20 seconds you may feel a moderate to intense hot tingling on your face..this is good:) continue massaging, the tingling will subside.If you do not feel tingling or hotness thats ok, its still effective. Everybody’s skin is different:) Rinse. I do this all in the shower to make it extra fast and easy.Do not get water in your vitamin C bottle. Water activates it, and you dont want to activate it until your ready to use it. You can do this exfoliation 1-3 times per week. On the other days use your gentle cleanser alone.

Out of the shower I pat dry my face and wipe with THAYERS or HUMPHREYS WITCH HAZEL. Your witch hazel should preferably be organic and alcohol free. Use a cottonball to wipe face. You can find organic witch hazel at health food stores or Amazon for about $10. Its at CVS or Walgreens for about $5.

My last step is to hydrate. I simply use a drop or two of JOJOBA OIL or COCONUT OIL. Its non clogging and doesnt leave my face oily.I suggest organic unrefined DESSERT ESSENCE JOJOBA OIL.
This protocol is a face game changer! Please let me know your results!

Skin Classic

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Nothing can make you look older than sunspots and skin tags. The skin classic machine is a fantastic, natural, anti aging treatment for these problem areas. Usually skin tags need only one quick treatment and sun spots need approximately 1-3 treatments. Its important to note that there is some healing time after this treatment. Everyone heals different, but plan for 3,7, or even up to 14 days to completely heal. Please be very delicate with treated areas. No exfoliation, including rubbing with your towel. Witch Hazel and vitamin E are soothing to the areas. Use plenty of sunblock to protect.

Winter weight

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If you are looking for a great way to naturally boost your weight loss program come give micro current for the body a try. Not only does the treatment help reduce inches and attack the fat it also builds muscle,cleanses your body,and stimulates the lymph system. Micro current for your face has the same muscle toning effect. Micro current is an excellent natural anti aging treatment that will tone and diminish that sagging neck and lines around the eyes and mouth. Make sure to drink a glass of water before and after your session. Also its important to work with your treatments by eating a balanced diet and taking good care of yourself.

october fun

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Some tips for your healthy skin routine:
The world of esthetics is constantly changing. I research new product and treatments almost everyday and am overwhelmed by all the choices! Anti-aging, wrinkle reducer,.fine lines disappear, acne fighting etc etc!! So im guessing all of you must get quite overwhelmed too.
You all know Im a big believer in Witch Hazel. No need to overspend on a toner. Witch Hazel is a quick way to wash your face and it is PH balancing. You can buy organic at Earth Origins in Palm Harbor or Whole Foods in Tampa.
Its nice to have 2 cleansers. One would be a gentle everyday use. The second would ideally have little scrubbies to exfoliate. I look for one that has scrubbies and glycolic or enzymes to eat away at dead skin. I use the exfoliating cleanser 2-3 times a week.
Serums are a must as we age. These are usually your more expensive little guys. Look for ones that are loaded with peptides, retinoids,or vitamin c.
My favorite moisturizer is Herbal Silk. I personally use moisturizer before i put on my makeup in the morning but not at night because my skin tends to be on the oily side.
Im happy to give suggestions and create a routine that works for YOU.