DIY Skincare

Heres specifically a great DIY at home facial:
Start with a gentle cleanser. Next use 1-2 tsp COUNTRY LIFE VITAMIN C CRYSTALS(found in the supplement section of health food stores or Amazon) Make a quick paste in your hand by rubbing your hands together. Dont completely dissolve crystals in your hands. Gently massage into face for about 2 minutes. After 10-20 seconds you may feel a moderate to intense hot tingling on your face..this is good:) continue massaging, the tingling will subside.If you do not feel tingling or hotness thats ok, its still effective. Everybody’s skin is different:) Rinse. I do this all in the shower to make it extra fast and easy.Do not get water in your vitamin C bottle. Water activates it, and you dont want to activate it until your ready to use it. You can do this exfoliation 1-3 times per week. On the other days use your gentle cleanser alone.

Out of the shower I pat dry my face and wipe with THAYERS or HUMPHREYS WITCH HAZEL. Your witch hazel should preferably be organic and alcohol free. Use a cottonball to wipe face. You can find organic witch hazel at health food stores or Amazon for about $10. Its at CVS or Walgreens for about $5.

My last step is to hydrate. I simply use a drop or two of JOJOBA OIL or COCONUT OIL. Its non clogging and doesnt leave my face oily.I suggest organic unrefined DESSERT ESSENCE JOJOBA OIL.
This protocol is a face game changer! Please let me know your results!

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