All of our peels are high quality buffered medium peels. That means that you will not be
red or peeling sheets of skin. Instead you will have a gentle exfoliation throughout the week with only mild pinkness visible right after the peel but which normally disappears within an hour or two.

Glycolic $60

Glycolic Acid is a naturally derived acid extracted from sugar cane,pineapple,sugar beets,cantaloupe and grapes. It has excellent exfolliating properties,making it an ideal treatment for sunspots,acne scars,blemishes,fine lines and wrinkles. You will leave with a fresh healthy glow!

Lactic $60

Lactic Acid is derived from milk acids. It is similiar to the glycolic peel as far as benefits but more hydrating. This peel is reccomended for those with dry,sensitive skin or rosacea. End results are firmer,brighter,younger looking skin

Beta $60

This treatment is right for anyone with multiple skin issues. It helps with slowing sebum production,cleans pores,and aids in stopping acne breakouts