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Aromatherapy massage 60 minutes $70 | 90 minutes $99

Recalibrate and let the stress of the day melt away with our premium, aromatherapy massage. This is a perfect union of the healing effects of massage and aromatic oils. Your sense of smell is linked directly to your brain so aromatherapy immediately affects your mood. Essences from the essential oils of flowers, plants and herbs are blended to create scents that alter stress levels and energy levels.

Deep tissue 60 minutes $75 | 90 minutes $99

Our deep tissue massage is designed to reduce muscle spasms,increase circulation,and pliability of muscles, decrease pain and restore mobility to joints. Essential oils, Arnica, or magnesium may be massaged into your areas of pain to aid in relief.

Sports 60 minutes $70 |120 minutes $140

Sports massage can be used to target specific muscle groups or the entire body. Stretching and deep tissue techniques are used to increase muscle flexibility and length,increase circulation in order to aid in the repair of muscle and connective tissues and decrease the chance of injury due to over use. Sports massage is an invaluable addition to any athletes normal workout regimen and can be used as regular maintenance or for restorative purposes. restore yourself and get back in the gym in half the time.

Package Deals: 5 for $325 | 10 for $605 |12 for $1,200 Our custom 12 for 12 package also includes microcurrent skin classic and all other spa treatments.

Peace of Mind Signature massage and facial combo 80 minutes $165  

This treatment is designed  for the ultimate in deep relaxation. Personalized to give you everything you need to reduce stress,insomnia,muscle tension,increase circulation of both blood and lymph systems,immune system,decrease depression, and enhanced overall well being. Includes dry brushing, cleansing,exfoliation,nourishment and hydration of your face,back,hands and feet. Our signature spa treatment will leave you feeling euphoric!

Triple Crown 2hrs

Pamper yourself to the ultimate luxury with our triple crown. Which includes melting into the table for a 1hr therapeutic full body Massage then enter a new level of indulgence with 1hr rejuvenating European or Anti-Aging facial while experiencing a reflexology treatment to recenter at the same time. Do not operate heavy machinery after this treatment.

Massage+European Facial+Reflexology $195
Massage+anti aging facial+Reflexology $220