Additional Info:

Reflexology $65/hour. (pkgs of 3 for $149 no longer available)


Reflexology is a focused pressure technique, directed to points on the hands or feet, which stimulates the nervous system and the organs.

By stimulating these points were able to focus in on many ailments of the body, clearing energy blockages and through the nervous system trigger the body’s own natural healing response.

Reflexology is a great treatment on its own or can be used to complement other healing treatments. You can experience relief from: Stress, Anxiety, Migraines, Allergies, Digestive issues, Urinary issues, PMS, Menopause, and many more.

Head to toe

European Facial+Reflexology $125
Anti-aging Facial+Reflexology $145

Experience I hr of intense relaxation & results, our head to toe treatment includes a European or Anti-Aging facial and full Reflexology treatment. Indulge in a results driven facial that includes face and scalp massage, while at the same time feeding your senses with a therapeutic and deeply relaxing foot Reflexology treatment.

Triple Crown 2hrs

Pamper yourself to the ultimate luxury with our triple crown. Which includes melting into the table for a 1hr therapeutic full body Massage then enter a new level of indulgence with 1hr rejuvenating European or Anti-Aging facial while experiencing a reflexology treatment to recenter at the same time. Do not operate heavy machinery after this treatment.

Massage+European Facial+Reflexology $195
Massage+anti aging facial+Reflexology $220